Optional Upgrades

The main problem with home draft towers is that they aren’t constantly pouring beer (like a bar is), so the beer in the tower gets warm.  Not only is it not as refreshing, but warm beer pours foamy. Since you’re already getting fresh beer for under a buck a pint many people don’t mind tossing the first foamy pint, but there are two ways that you can help fix that. Here is a link to a product that will circulate cold air from the fridge into the tower. Here is pc water cooling system that you could lengthen the lines on to recirculate cool water up into the tower.
 draft tower cooling line DIY
One thing that people like to upgrade is the faucets. The chrome ones included in the list will do a good job, but they will eventually wear out and they have a tendency to get stuck with sticky beer if they go unused for long enough. These nice stainless Perlick 630SS faucets are the “buy it nice or buy it twice” version. They will last a lifetime, they don’t get stuck, and your kids will be able to sell them for as much as you bought them for!
Perlick 630ss faucets
Drip Tray
Beer coming out of a tap will drip, and eventually someone will pull the faucet handle “just to see what happens.” A drip tray will handle that surplus beer in style. Pick a style that fits in with your bar and kegerator, but this is a simple one to start with.