How to build a cast iron draft tower



This is an overview of all of the cast iron parts for the tower.

Here is the summary.
2″ to 1″ bushings 2x
2″ tee x1
2″ street elbow 2x
2″ x 6″ black iron nipple
2″ floor flange

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This is an overview and link to the parts needed to serve beer.

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Click here to check out current prices for the beer parts There are a few optional upgrades to this hardware explained on this page, but the basic kit is a good starting point.



Assembling this is pretty easy. Here is a link to the step by step directions. Read through them before starting. This should take less than an hour to build.


This is the part where you get the beer out! If you want to keep your pipe looking black and clean, then it’s a good idea to wax, oil, or seal your pipe, or else it will rust a bit. The beer is completely separate from the pipe, so this is just aesthetics we are concerned with.


make your own black iron pipe draft tower